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Workshop for high-frequency and optical precision mechanics

Home Staff Equipment

conventional machines (milling)

Deckel FP 1
Deckel FP 2

conventional machines (drilling)

2 Weiler Commodor
2 Weiler Matador

miscellaneous conventional machines

cutter grinder Deckel S0
2 bench grinder
belt grinding machine
band saws horizontal and vertical

CNC machines (Computerized Numerical Control)

milling machines:

Deckel FP 2 NC
Deckel Maho DMC 63 V
Kunzmann WF 650 (special machine)

drilling machines:

Weiler E30
Weiler E50 (special machine)

electrical discharge machine

Mitsubishi EA 12 V

surface grinding machine

Stöckel FX 60/40 ST 2 (special machine)

Software CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing)

Autodesk Inventor Professional 3D
AutoCAD Mechanical
Filou NC